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Why a Female Escort in Tilak Nagar Refuses to Meet You Again?

The other day when I opened my door to an unfavorable surprise. I was expecting to meet a customer whom I have never seen before. But to my dismay, it was a former customer who I had intentionally been ignoring.

This customer, whom I have met before, had been trying continuously to meet me again for the past two years. At first, I have ignored his calls. Then he started to contact with me by calling me from a new number, and so then I have started to ignore his new number. Fast forward after one year, this week, he called me from an additional new number. I picked up his call and did not recognize his voice. I thought he was a new customer, and when I asked for his name, he gave me a different and new name. So we have made an appointment, and voila…he shows up …!

So the question is, why would a female escort reject a repeat client?

While every escort is different, here are the four main reasons a female escort service in Tilak Nagar may ignore or reject a customer from coming back (as a repeat customer).

1.Hygiene issues

2.Cheap (ie: tries to stay longer than decided time, unwelcomed, without paying extra, or gives less money than it was expected)

3.Unbearably ANNOYING or tiring sex (that is it takes too long, or makes us to ‘work’ too much. Yes, some of us get ‘spoilt’.)

4.Rude and Disrespectful

Some additional reasons for a female escort to reject a repeat customer that are, perhaps, less common. Such as a client who has…

5.Stalker-like tendencies (ie: a love crazed customer who invades your personal life in an unwelcome sense — where the ‘love’ is one-sided). Note: This is not to be confused with customers who are in love with a female escort while also respecting the female escorts own boundaries and expectations. Admiration does not bother female call girls Tilak Nagar so long as their boundaries are respected.

6.There are some additional unique reasons. For instance, I had a really young customer whom I felt was spending too much money that he didn’t have (hoping to gain my heart). Since I was not able to give him love, I felt it was better that he focused on saving money for someone who can truly give love to him back. I liked him as a person and customer, but morally I felt he should direct his hard earned cash elsewhere.

Now, of course, these unwanted traits can be interpreted differently depending on the person. For me, hygiene is a paramount deal breaker, so I would flat out refuse anyone who was not clean and safe. And of course, I would not accept to meet any customer who could not pay my rate. Annoying sex, however, is not something one can predict with a new customer. Now, with regards to a customer being ‘rude or disrespectful’, luckily I was not experienced that so far as I am quite particular with whom I get attract and meet. But for many other female escorts who do not have the privilege to be so discerning, dealing with disrespectful clients is a reality.

Lesson to be Learnt?

Want to be a good customer or partner in general? Excel in the first four points I mentioned (be mindful about your hygiene, be courteous with her financial expectations, ask for feedback from her during intimacy, and be genuinely respectful to her).

Lastly, the thing with hygiene is that it is a little difficult to detect one’s own scent, or body odor. I also have been guilty of having bad breath, unknowingly, which is a funny story. A long time ago, when I lived overseas, I was with a regular customer of mine. It was his birthday, so I brought some cupcakes for him. I told him not to eat all the cupcakes until after our appointment. I told him that I will not kiss him or let him kiss my body if he eats the cupcakes first. He then said, jokingly that, “Why not? I always kiss you after your eating your spicy foods and I will not complain.” He was teasing me and alluding me that I had a “garlic” breath once and how it did not bother him. Since then, I am always paranoid about meeting anyone after I have eaten foods with my favorite ingredients, garlic and onion. It can be a cute and sweet gesture for others to simply say, “Is my breath alright?”

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